Dr Bhavini Desai

Director (Content) Marketing & Brand

Professional Biography

Dr Bhavini Desai is a Director (Content) Marketing & Brand, and also leads Undergraduate modules in Digital Marketing, Emerging Technologies and Quantitative Business Analysis.

In 2001 she earned an MSc in Information Systems and Management at Brunel University, UK. Bhavini further received her PhD in Information Systems and Management, also from Brunel University, UK and while pursuing her PhD, Bhavini was further involved in working as a Research Associate on the ESRC project (Economic and Social Research). The purpose of this project was an investigation of the deployment, hosting and integration of vertical (industry-specific) and horizontal (business-focused) web-enabled information systems by application service providers (ASPs).  

She has worked as a lecturer for several years at the American Intercontinental University London, where she was involved in managing all aspects of undergraduate academic education, from designing courses, delivering, assessing as well as moderating them. Several publications in journals and conferences complement her academic record.


  • PhD: Philosophy Doctorate in Information Systems and Management, Brunel University, London, 2002-2006
    • Title: Evolution of Application Service Provider (ASP) business models.
    • Supervisors: Prof. Robert Macredie and Prof. Guy Fitzgerald
  • MSc Business Information Systems & Management, Brunel University, London 2000-2001
    • Dissertation: Expanding IS Outsourcing through Application Service Providers 
  • Higher Diploma in Software Applications, Tata Infotech, India, 1997-1999
    • Subjects: Introduction to Computer Use, Introduction to IT, Computer basics, Internet & Networking concepts, MS Office (Word, Excel, PPT & Access), Operating Systems, FOXPRO, UNIX (LINUX), PLT, C & C++, Oops concepts, Project on C++
  • BSc Chemistry, St Xavier’s College, Gujarat University, India, 1994-1997

Relevant past employment

  • July 2014- current, Senior Lecturer and Programme Director of MSc Digital Marketing and Analytics, Regent’s University London, UK.
  • October 2006-June 2014, Associate Professor, American Intercontinental University, Marylebone High Street, London, UK
  • September 2013 – May 2014, Visiting Lecturer, University of Westminster, London, UK
  • February 2005- December 2005, E-Business Research Analyst, Unidata Technology Solutions, London, UK
  • September 2002- December 2005, Project Research Assistant, Brunel University, UK
  • Feb 2003 - Feb 2004, Research Methods course, Brunel University, Department of Information Systems and Computing, UK.
  • February 2000- February 2001, Administrative Officer, Patidar Samaj Associations, London, UK.
  • June 1998- March 1999, Lead Chemist, Parag Dyestuff, Ahmedabad, India


Journal Papers

  • Desai, Currie (2005). Towards the ASP E-Business Model: A conceptual Framework for Mapping ASP Specific Value Propositions. Journal of Internet Research  4(1), 79-101.
  • Currie, Desai, Khan. (2004). Customer evaluation of application services provisioning in five vertical sectors: Journal of Information Technology 19, 39-58.

Conference Papers

  • Desai, Willetts, Gonsalves (2013). Impact of Chinese Investment and Trade on the Incumbent Indian Entrepreneurs in Africa. Institute for Small Business and Entrepreneurship Conference (ISBE), Cardiff, UK Nov12-Nov13 ’13.
  • Desai, B., Currie, W. (2003) 'Application Service Providers: A model in Evolution', 5th International Conference on Electronic Commerce(ICEC), Pittsburgh, PA Sept 30 - Oct 3 '03
  • Desai B. (2003): The demise of the ASP Business Model? UK Academy of Information Systems (UKAIS) PhD Consortium, Warwick University, UK, April.
  • Desai, B., Weerakkody, V., Currie, W., Tebboune, D. E. S., and Khan, N. (2003), 'Evaluation of Strategies Deployed by ASP Providers', Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences (Hicss-36); The Big Island, Hawaii, 5-7 January.
  • Desai B., Currie W (2003): Evolving e-business models: Exploring the rise and fall of the ASP' Proceeding of the Americas conference on information systems (AMCIS), Tampa, Florida, USA, 4-7 August.
  • Currie, W., Desai, B., Khan, N., Wang, X and Weerakkody, V. (2003) Vendor strategies for business process and applications outsourcing: recent findings from field research. Hawaii International Conference on Systems Sciences (Hicss-36) January.
  • Khan. N., Currie, W, Weerakkody. V., Desai, B. (2003) 'Evaluating Offshore IT Outsourcing in India: Supplier and Customer Scenarios'. Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences (Hicss-36); The Big Island, Hawaii, 5-7 January.
  • Weerakkody, V., Currie, W, Khan, N., Desai, B., and Tebboune, D. E. S. (2002), 'Analysing the risk factors of moving to a remote application outsourcing model' in Al-Qirim, N. A. Y. (2002) (ed.) Electronic Business in Small and Medium Sized Enterprises: Frameworks, Issues, and Implications, Idea Group Publishing

Research Supervision

Bhavini has supervised many undergraduate and postgraduate dissertations, all as a primary supervisor. She currently supervises three MAGM dissertations. Bhavini is also involved in the undergraduate module Placement Learning Project (PLP) supervision.

Research Interests

Bhavini’s research interests include a study of constant developments in the areas of digital business and globalisation. She is particularly interested in the investigation of advances in technology and its impact on the digital business model.

Teaching & Course Development

Bhavini has been involved in the design, development and delivery of various modules across the University's undergraduate and postgraduate programmes. She is currently involved in teaching modules on the MSc Digital Marketing and Analytics programme and further on an Interactive and Digital Marketing module on the undergraduate programme. In the past, she has lead modules in the areas of quantitative business analysis, emerging technologies, e-business, international business, entrepreneurship, decision-making, communication, leadership and management and many more.