Dr Ernesto Gallo

Assistant Professor

Professional Biography

Dr Ernesto Gallo is an Assistant Professor in International Relations. He previously taught at the University of Birmingham, Birkbeck College, The Open University, and Kaplan International College London. Dr Gallo's main research areas are International Relations Theory, Political Economy, and Eurasian Politics. In 2015–17 he was Affiliated Faculty at UCL/SSEES, where he conducted research on Kazakhstan and its relations with Russia and China.

Dr Gallo has published a book on IR Theory (in Italian) and co-edited "Democracy at The United Nations", in addition to articles in peer-reviewed journals such as "International Politics", "Competition and Change" and "Europe-Asia Studies". Also, he regularly contributes to commentaries and analyses on current affairs for Open Democracy, China Daily, and the Institute for Security and Development Studies, among others. In addition to his native Italian and English, he speaks German and Spanish. He is currently working on a book on "authoritarian neoliberalism" for Brill, Leiden. 


  • PGCHE, Regent's University London, 2021
  • PhD, Political Science (pathway: International Relations)
  • University of Turin, Italy, 2006 MA and BA 
  • International and Diplomatic Studies, University of Turin, Italy, 2002

Relevant Past Employment

  • 2018–present: Visiting Lecturer/Lecturer/Assistant Professor in International Relations, Regent's University London
  • 2009–present: Associate Lecturer in History, The Open University 
  • 2015-2017 Affiliated Faculty, UCL, SSEES
  • 2011–2017: Academic Tutor in Social Sciences, Kaplan International College London
  • 2009–2011: Sessional Lecturer in Social Sciences, University of Brighton
  • 2008-2011: Sessional Lecturer in Politics, Birkbeck College
  • 2007-2010: Visiting Lecturer, University of Birmingham
  • 2006-2009: Visiting Research Fellow in International Relations, University of Sussex


  • Gallo, E., The Age of Authoritarian Neoliberalism, under contract with Brill, Leiden.
  • Gallo, E., (2021) Three varieties of Authoritarian Neoliberalism: rule by the experts, the people, the leader, ‘Competition and Change’, 7/2021. 
  • Gallo, E., Sergi, B., and Wu, Z. (2020) China’s Power in Its Strategic Energy Partnership with the Eurasian Economic Union, ‘Communist and Post-Communist Studies’, 4/2020
  • Gallo, E., (2020) Globalization, Authoritarianism, and the State. Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan after 26 years of independence, ‘Europe-Asia Studies’, 5/2020, p. 1-24. 
  • Cerella, A. and Gallo, E., (2016) Machiavelli and International Relations, Special Issue, ‘International Politics’, 53(4).  
  • Cerella, A. and Gallo, E., (2016) Machiavelli reloaded: Perceptions and misperceptions of the 'Prince of realism', 'International Politics', 53(4): 435-46 
  • Gallo, E., (2014) Empire and civilisation: a challenging nexus, ‘Human Figurations’, 3(1), online. 
  • Gallo, E., (2013) Unlikely Twins? Machiavelli and Girard on violence, crisis, and the origins of the State, in Brighi, E. and Cerella A. (eds.) The Sacred and the Political. London: Bloomsbury 
  • Finizio, G. and Gallo, E., eds. (2013) Democracy at the United Nations. Brussels: Peter Lang
  • Gallo, E., (2009) Italy and Spain: Different Patterns of State/Society Complexes in the Contemporary Era, ‘Journal of Contemporary European Studies’, 17(2): 255-70. 
  • Gallo, E., (2009) Ordine internazionale. Teorie, episodi, modelli (‘International Order. Theories, Episodes, Models’). Rome: Aracne. 
  • Gallo, E., (2008) Conference Report. Italian Politics Specialist Group Panels at the 58th Annual Conference of the Political Studies Association, Swansea University, 1-3 April 2008, ‘Modern Italy’, 13(3): 351-54. 
  • Gallo, E., (2007) Empire and imperialism. A debate still open?, ‘Studies in Social and Political Thought’, online. 
  • Gallo, E., (2006) Imperialismo (‘Imperialism’), in D’Orsi, Angelo (ed.) Gli ismi della politica. Rome: Viella. 
  • Gallo, E., (2005) Il concetto di impero nella teoria politica novecentesca (‘The concept of empire in twentieth century political theory’), ‘Ricerche di Storia Politica’, 3: 307-14. 
  • (2009)
  • Gallo, E., (2009) Ordine internazionale. Teorie, episodi, modelli (‘International Order. Theories, Episodes, Models’). Rome: Aracne. 

Research Interests

  • International Political Theory (Realism, Machiavelli, Marxism, non-Western thinking)
  • Neoliberalism and Contemporary Authoritarianism
  • Eurasian Politics (Russia-Central Asia-China relations)
  • Political Economy of Developing Countries

Professional Affiliation(s)/Accreditation

  • Chatham House (RIIA). 

Conference Papers

  • Kazakhstan and China: Silk Road 2.0? SOAS, London, Seminar, 2016
  • Unlikely twins? Machiavelli and Girard on violence and the origins of the State, International Conference ‘Politics, Violence and the Sacred: Exploring Rene’ Girard’s thought in Security and International Studies’, University of Central Lancashire, Preston, 2013
  • Italy and Spain. Two models of Hobbesian state-society complexes, PSA Annual Conference, Swansea, 2008
  • From Southern European to Italian exceptionalism? ECPR/SGIR Conference, Turin, 2007
  • Globalization, cosmopolitanism, and democracy, International Conference ‘The United Nations Reform’, Turin, 2007
  • Ireland: a virtual state for real European citizens? PSAI Annual Conference, Cork, 2006

Other Outputs

  • Frequent contributor to: Open Democracy, The Russian International Affairs Council, China Daily, with Giovanni Biava
  • Writer of Policy Briefs for the Institute of Development and Security Studies, Stockholm, 2014. Link: http://isdp.eu/people/ernesto-gallo/

Teaching & Course Development

  • Foreign Policy and Negotiations, Level 7
  • Diplomacy and Negotiations, Level 6
  • Politics of Latin America, Level 6 
  • International Organisations, Level 5
  • US Foreign Policy, Level 5
  • Economics and Development, Level 4
  • Introduction to World History, Level 4