Professor John Nuttall

Visiting Lecturer

Professional Biography

John teaches theory, skills and research methods in the field. He is a professional psychotherapist in private practice, has had an extensive career in senior management in multi-national industry and commerce, and is a Certified Management Consultant and Chartered Marketer. John has written widely on management and psychotherapy and his special interests include psychotherapy integration, organisation theory, and the provision of counselling and psychotherapy in the community. He is also honorary psychotherapist and Chair of the charity West London Centre for Counselling, a major provider of therapeutic counselling in primary care.


  • PhD in Psychotherapy, Middlesex University, 2004
  • Advanced Diploma in Psychotherapy, Physis Centre for Qualitative Research, London, 2002
  • MA (dist) in Counselling and Psychotherapy, City University, London, 2001
  • Diploma in Counselling, Central School for Counselling, London, 1997
  • PG Diploma in Industrial Administration, University of Aston, 1971
  • PG Diploma in Marketing, Birmingham College of Commerce, 1971
  • HND (dist) Business Studies, Birmingham College of Commerce, 1970

Relevant Past Employment

  • August 2015 – current, Asst Faculty Dean for Research and Head of Regent’s School for Psychotherapy & Psychology, Regent's University London  
  • November 2009 – current, Head of School, Regent's School of Psychotherapy & Psychology, Regent's University London
  • April 2007 – October 2010, Programme Director of Professional Programmes, Regent's School of Psychotherapy & Psychology, Regent's University London
  • September 2002 – April 2007, Visiting Lecturer – Integrative Psychotherapy, Regent's School of Psychotherapy & Psychology, Regent's University London
  • September 2003 – 2012, Visiting Lecturer and Trainer on MSc in Therapeutic Counselling, University of Greenwich     
  • July 2000 – current, psychotherapist, supervisor, mentor, private practice  
  • January 1997 – current, Chair, treasurer, and honorary psychotherapist, West London Centre for Counselling, London


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    Conference Papers Given

    • (2018) Perspectives on Suicidal Ideation. Chair and Panel Discussant. Reflections Centre Annual Conference, Regent’s University London, June 2018.
    • (2017) Psychosomatic Clinical Presentations. Chair and Panel Discussant. Reflections Centre Annual Conference, Regent’s University London, June 2017. 
    • (2017) The Clash of Value in Contemporary Psychotherapy Research (Keynote address). Fifth UKCP Annual Research Conference, September 2017.
    • (2017) Critical Issues in Psychotherapy Integration, keynote and panel discussant. The Heart of Psychotherapy Integration. UKAPI annual conference. 4th February, 2017, NCVO London
    • (2016) Introduction and Chair of Conference on Sexual Oppression and its Impact on Mental Health. Discussions Prof Martin Milton, Prof Brett Kahr and Dr Maria Luca. Reflections Centre Annual Conference, Regent’s University London, October 2016.
    • (2016) Psychological Perspectives of the film Casablanca. Discussions with David Hanson and Professor Brett Kahr, International Partners Conference, Regent’s University London, January 2016.
    • (2016) Opening address, Conflict of Values. Conference on The Future of Psychological Therapies. Regent’s University London, April 2016
    • (2014). Getting Values Across - Leadership in a Multi-cultural World. Chancellor's Open Forum, Regent's University London, May 2014.
    • (2011). Integration – a Heuristic Journey. Regent's University London Graduation Address.
    • (2010). Jung at Canary Wharf - Literary Lunchtime Seminar, Regent's University London.
    • (2009). Heuristic Research - Learning By Inquiry. Regent's University London.
    • (2008). Working with Difference; World Mental Health Day Speech; West London Centre for Counselling, BBC.
    • (2005). The Integrative Attitude. The distinguished address at Regent's University London Graduation Ceremony, Regent's University London Newsletter.

    Research Supervision

    Approximately 20 Masters Dissertations, several professional doctorates and two PhD.  Areas of interest cover research methods, drug addiction, spiritual emergency and organisational dynamics and therapists' experiences of shame.

    Research Interests

    • Psychotherapy Integration, the therapeutic relationship, and organisation theory and the use of psychotherapy theory in understanding organisational behaviour.
    • The effective provision of psychotherapy and counselling in the community.  As Chair of West London Centre for Counselling his interests concern clinical outcomes and measures and community access to psychological therapies.
    • His own clinical work is measured using CORE outcome measures and he is working on developing an integrative approach based on Clarkson's five-relational framework.
    • He is currently writing a book with Dr Maria Luca on advanced integrative practice.

    Professional Affiliation(s)/Accreditation

    • Accredited Member of British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy
    • Member of United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy
    • Certified Management Consultant and Member of the Institute of Consulting
    • Chartered Marketer and Member of Chartered Institute of Marketing
    • Member of Chartered Management Institute
    • Member of the Society for Psychotherapy Research

    Teaching & Course Development

    John has designed courses in psychotherapy and supervision at Physis and Regent’s University London. He has led reaccreditation for all the School's taught and research degree programmes and has designed curricula for UKCP qualifying courses and professional doctorates at Regent's School of Psychotherapy and Psychology.  He has advised and been on validation panels for counselling and psychotherapy courses at Greenwich University, Birmingham City University, and Regent's University London.  John has also taught on courses at Physis and the University of Greenwich.


    Master's courses in two HE institutions, numerous MA dissertations and several research and professional doctorate degree. He has chaired numerous doctoral examining panels and examining boards and chairs the University’s Research Degrees Committee.

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