Alumni Access Card registration

As alumni, our campus is still your home – and your Alumni Access Card allows you to come back and visit during our opening hours, whenever you'd like! You can now apply for your access card (and access all other alumni benefits) through our online platform, Re:Connect.

Apply for your access card

Who's eligible?

The Alumni Access Card is available to Regent’s alumni. Alumni are defined as anyone who received a qualifying award from Regent’s University London or its preceding institutions (e.g., Webster, European Business School, Regent’s Business School, American Intercontinental University). Associate Alumni are not eligible for an access card. Get in touch for ways in which associate alumni can visit campus. 

Current students are not eligible for an access card. 

What information is required?

Postal address

In order for us to deliver your card, we require your most up-to-date address. Please note, if your postal address will change within the next 12 weeks, please include your new address – we are unable to replace cards for free, so please ensure your details are correct on Re:Connect. We also have the option for you to collect your card next time you're on campus.

A photograph

For the purposes of security, your Alumni Access Card must include a passport-size photo, no larger than 300x300 pixels and 2MB.

Your photo must:

  • Clearly show your face and shoulders
  • Show you looking directly at the camera
  • Not have anything covering your face
  • Be taken against a clear background
  • Not contain any other objects or accessories, e.g., sunglasses on your head.

Please note that any photo received which does not meet the criteria may result in your application being delayed.

How long does it take to receive the card?

Please allow up to 12 weeks for your card application to be processed and delivered to you. We will send you an email when it's been sent, or is ready to collect. 

Terms & Conditions

Please read the full terms and conditions for the Alumni Access Card.

Apply for your access card