Jason Drew

Serial entrepreneur and environmentalist – featured in TIME Magazine

Jason Drew

Regent’s alumnus' business makes TIME Magazine’s Top 50 genius companies

As the sustainability revolution begins, Regent's alumnus Jason Drew has developed a clear vision and blueprint for business in the 21st century.

International business leader and serial entrepreneur turned environmentalist and author; Jason graduated from Regent’s (the European Business School) in 1988. Described by Forbes Magazine as ‘Lord of the Flies’, in 2018 Jason’s business, AgriProtein, was named by TIME Magazine as one of 50 ‘genius’ companies changing the future, alongside Alphabet and Airbnb, as well as receiving the 2013 United Nations Innovation Prize for Africa.

AgriProtein uses fly farms to produce larvae which, in turn, feeds fish farms and livestock, instead of dredging the oceans to make fish-based feed. As an entrepreneur, Jason saw this as a business opportunity as well as an environmental one, and explore these ideas in his books The Story of the Fly and How it Could Save the World and The Protein Crunch.

AgriProtein also won the inaugural BBC Food Chain Global Champion Award. Read more about Jason and AgriProtein’s impact on innovation and the environment.