Kristin Contino

Kristin Contino

Regent’s alumna and Royal Correspondent, Kristin Contino, on her new book, A House Full of Windsor.

After revisiting a manuscript from 2015 during lockdown, Liberal Arts alumna Kristin received a publishing contract for her second book, A House Full of Windsor, to be released in July 2021.

Kristin’s new novel spans from 1980s London and the royal wedding of Charles and Diana to a present-day reality TV show, where the main character's real-life love sorry runs parallel to that of Princess Diana. As an acknowledgment to Regent’s, and the impact of Kristin's time in London, the main character re-visits her old university, Bedford College (now Regent's), in Regent’s Park.

As an exchange student from the United States, Kristin studied BA Hons) Liberal Studies (Journalism) at Regent’s in 2000. While her stay was brief, the impact of living in Reid Hall and studying on the Regent’s Park campus has had an impact on her professional and creative development since. 

Her appreciation for London and British culture has helped to shape her future career and she's now a chief reporter at, the most popular independent royal news site in the world. After attending the wedding of Harry and Meghan, she has since become a lead journalist for the site, in addition to writing fiction and other freelance writing and editing work. 

For Kristin, Regent’s was 'a very British setting but a global experience, filled with classmates from all over the world.' It was whilst studying at Regent’s that she developed the 'independence and resilience' that has been so important in her writing career since. Twenty years later, she still keeps in touch with her university friends and planned to take a trip back to London with them last year, which was unfortunately postponed due to the pandemic. 

To those aspiring writers at Regent’s, Kristin says 'don’t give up. There is also so much business involved in publishing, especially when it comes to marketing and promoting, so don’t lose your enthusiasm and love for writing. It’s important to remember what made you want to be a writer in the first place and to not get lost in comparing yourself to others.'

Kristin also notes that 'networks are key, so always be aware of building your contacts. And while it is important to be open to critiques and advice, remember, it’s your work and your voice.'

A House Full of Windsor will be available through Amazon and other online book retailers on 13 July 2021.