Lara Khouri

Lara Khouri

'Regent’s put me on the path to where I am today.'

Alumna, Lara Khouri, is the founder of there is no spoon, a boutique customer experience (CX) and change leadership consultancy, and a founding member of the recently launched Women in CX global community, a space dedicated to supporting and shining a light on women’s efforts and accomplishments in the customer experience field across the world.

Lara’s drive for building experiences that deliver value for people is rooted in her very first experience at Regent’s: 'I transferred to Regent’s over the summer and everyone went the extra mile to make sure that I was welcomed and comfortable. The impact it has had on my life has surpassed that of any other educational institution I’ve studied at.'

During the course of her career, Lara has worked on marketing and designing customer experiences internationally. 'Regent’s showed me the value of giving and I wanted to be able to reach more people; to use my skills for as much good as possible.' She says. 'So today, I help companies create the experiences their customers and colleagues want and expect using the values and approach to working with people that I learned at Regent’s.'

Lara joined Regent’s for the latter two years of her degree in Liberal Studies (Media & Communications) and 'built an emotional bond with a place and a group of people that will live with me forever. Many of the longest friendships I’ve had are those I made at Regent’s and some of them have evolved into business collaborations, too. In the 21 years since I graduated, Regent’s has been a consistent source of invaluable support.'

Lara remains connected to Regent’s as an alumni mentor. 'It’s my way of giving back and it’s so fulfilling! Also, because of the exceptional student experience, the beautiful campus and the community feel at Regent’s, I share a connection with my mentees – we have the same emotional reaction to Regent’s and that helps us bond.'

To any students looking for an incomparable experience in London, Lara insists 'you will not find a university that will deliver the experience of London like Regent’s can. Not only is it an actual campus with beautiful landscaped grounds, but you’ll get a world-class education and benefit from being part of a community of friends who will form part of your future professional networks. As if that wasn't enough, pretty much every tube line stops at Baker Street station and everywhere in central London is actually walkable!'