Kneecap still

A new film about Irish rap takes Regent's graduate filmmaker to Sundance Festival

The film premiers tonight at 21:30 MST

Luis Garcia, who graduated from the BA (Hons) Film and Screen Production course in 2021, worked as an Associate Producer on the film, which was taken to Cannes as a part of the Great 8 Showcase this year.

Directed by Rich Peppiatt, Kneecap follows the formation of the eponymous Irish rap band in post-Troubles Belfast. Luis describes the film as having a 'fun-loving, criminal element while tackling some serious issues'. He said, 'I loved being part of the process of taking it from development through to production and beyond'.

Kneecap was developed through the Mother Tongues development programme run by Jack Tarling and Manon Ardisson, which looks for feature films written by UK-based filmmakers, set in the UK, with a story whose dialogue is in a language other than English.

The film will be shown at Sundance Festival 2024 on 18 January at 21:30 MST. Online screenings which are open to the public will take place on 25 and 29 January. You can find out more about the screening on the Sundance Festival 2024 website.