Adding our voice to demands for racial equality

A statement from the Chair of Regent's Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Steering Group, Sue Shutter

Like so many others, Regent’s University London and its incredibly diverse community of nearly 140 nationalities has been deeply disturbed and angered by the senseless deaths of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor and so many more.

We have always said that we are proud to celebrate diversity – it is what makes higher education, and, indeed, the world, a richer, more creative place. If we put a variety of world views into one room, we will come out the other side with better ideas. We are better together.

However, we are not perfect, and we know we have so much more to do. As a University, we will be actively listening to our global community (our staff, students and alumni) for ways we can make a difference and contribute to the change we want to see in the world. I know that black members of our community will be feeling anger, pain and sadness. We are here for you, and we stand with you.

The attainment gap for black students in higher education needs to be addressed. The barriers and bias faced by black academics must cease.

Fundamentally, universities represent shared opportunity, and a commitment to the creation of discussion and sharing of knowledge across race, language, culture and background. We must work towards a brighter future for all.

We stand in solidarity with the fight against entrenched racism and the historic oppression of the black community. This systemic racism must change, and we are committed to being a part of that change.

“We acknowledge fully that there is much more we can do as a University. Our community will be open, respectful and embracing of all our differences, understanding that this is what makes us stronger.

“We will lend our voices and our support. It’s time to listen, learn and take action in combating racial injustice,” Professor Geoff Smith, Vice-Chancellor and CEO.