Brand guru David Gluckman visits Regent’s

Branding genius David Gluckman visited Regent’s on Monday night to discuss his successful 40-year career working in the drinks industry – including creating Baileys Irish Cream, Le Piat d’Or, Ciroc, and Coole Swan – with Regent’s students and staff.

David Gluckman with Professor Neil Martin
Branding genius David Gluckman (left) with Professor Neil Martin

Known for his success in creating one of the world’s best-selling liqueur brands, Baileys Irish Cream, David spoke candidly about its inception, telling his audience that the name was inspired by a restaurant nearby to his office, which was also called Baileys. Initially negatively labelled a ‘girly drink’ by men in focus groups, David claimed the success of the drink is due to its simplicity and the uniqueness of mixing Irish whiskey, cream and cocoa powder – inevitably making it the famous liqueur it is today.

Professor Neil Martin, Head of Programmes for Psychology and driving force behind the event, said: 'Walk into any supermarket or off-licence and you enter the mind of David Gluckman.

'The brands he has created – which few people even know he is behind – are extraordinary. The psychology and the creativity behind these products reflects a unique and brilliant mind.

'I’m thrilled that David agreed to share some of his thinking with us at Regent’s and may be working with us on projects in the future.'

David spoke not only of his successes, which included Ciroc – the first vodka made from grapes instead of grain – but also his failures. Abercrombie’s Prairie Dog and Oxford Blue were all alcoholic drinks which didn’t quite set the world alight, and subsequently never saw the light of day, and are all outlined in his book, That S***t Will Never Sell!