Changemakers and a globalised campus: Regent’s fosters an entrepreneurial spirit

Regent’s University London has partnered with BBC StoryWorks and the International Association of Universities to showcase Regent’s multiculturalism in a new series entitled Aiming Higher.

The series explores trends in higher education, and examines the role of universities in an increasingly interconnected world. 

Regent’s is a home away from home for so many students. Eight out of 10 Regent’s students come from abroad, and more than 130 nationalities are represented on campus, meaning students have the unique opportunity to grow their global networks with students and academics across the world. 

'Regent’s helped to make me feel very welcome in London, and it was the one thing that helped start my journey in business,' says Katharina Rauch, founder of Pretty Bee Fresh and alumna of Regent's. 

Austrian-born, Katharina has been in London for six years, and says that Regent’s helped her feel right at home. 'Being involved in such an intimate campus with so many different nationalities is the best way to prepare for working life.'

Ahmed Masoud, Director, Future Students & International Partnerships Office, agrees: 'Students develop that empathy to other cultures and other nationalities. They network with likeminded students, alumni and academics from different backgrounds, and learn skills that prepare them for the world after university.'

'There’s a really good entrepreneurial spirit at Regent’s, and we provide mentorship and support to help students,' Ahmed says. 'A lot of our academics are industry based, and a lot of our alumni are involved in the Regent’s community even when they leave.'

At Regent’s, 'students learn the life skills that they need as well as having a degree from a good London university that will equip them to face the world afterwards,' Ahmed says.

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