Huckletree Innovation Lab

Huckletree and Regent's launch the Innovation Lab

Students, alumni and members of entrepreneurial community attended the launch event

Earlier this year Regent's University London and innovative co-working brand Huckletree partnered to launch the Innovation Lab, a groundbreaking initiative designed to foster creativity, entrepreneurship, and networking. The launch party held on Tuesday 24 October 2023 was an event to remember, bringing together a diverse group of alumni, staff, students, and entrepreneurs in the new space.

Huckletree and Regent's Launch Event

A nucleus for aspiring innovators

The Innovation Lab at Regent's is a unique addition to Huckletree's network of themed workspaces across the UK and Ireland. What sets this space apart is that it's the first of its kind created within a university, emphasising the importance of collaboration between academia and the business world. 

Huckletree was co-founded by Regent's alumna Gabriela Hersham, who graduated with a BA (Hons) in International Business in 2006. The Innovation Lab is a testament to the power of Regent's education and entrepreneurship that runs through the University's DNA.

Huckletree and Regent's Launch Event

Collaboration and inspiration at the core

The Innovation Lab provides a dynamic environment where entrepreneurs, disruptors, and innovators can come together to explore new possibilities. Collaborative pods and workspaces are at the heart of this unique space, conducive for creative brainstorming and social study. Whether students are starting a new venture or refining an assignment, the Innovation Lab exudes an inspiring atmosphere.

Huckletree and Regent's Launch Event

Learning from experts

In addition to providing collaborative spaces, the Innovation Lab is dedicated to hosting tailored training, workshops, and interactive events. These offerings are aimed at accelerating the entrepreneurial journeys of aspiring founders at Regent's. The calendar of events, curated by Huckletree and Regent's, aligns with students' academic pursuits to nurture their entrepreneurial spirit and encourage creativity.

Huckletree and Regent's Launch Event

Founders for the future

As students and alumni collaborate and embark on new projects within the Innovation Lab, they may have questions about their future careers, whether as entrepreneurs, freelancers, or team members. The Innovation Lab offers personalised career support and guidance from expert Career Consultants who are based within the space. 

Huckletree and Regent's Launch Event

The launch party was a night of celebration and inspiration for the community at Regent's, brought together by a shared enthusiasm for innovation and entrepreneurship. The event's soundtrack was curated by a DJ, while attendees enjoyed canapés and drinks, networking and idea exchange.

Huckletree and Regent's Launch Event

The night also featured speeches from Professor Geoff Smith, Vice-Chancellor & CEO of Regent's University, who delivered words of encouragement and support for the Innovation Lab's mission. Gabriela Hersham, Co-Founder & CEO of Huckletree and a Regent's alumna herself, also shared her vision and passion for this unique collaboration. 

The event marks the beginning of an exciting journey for aspiring founders. This collaborative space, nestled within the academic environment, promises to empower the next generation of entrepreneurs and change-makers. With its unique blend of collaboration, expertise, and support, the Innovation Lab is sure to be a beacon of creativity and success in the years to come.