Marguerite J. Dennis costume collection exhibition on display at Regent’s

Regent’s University London recently held a private viewing of the ‘Marguerite J. Dennis Costume Collection’ for a special celebration of clothing and culture.

To support teaching in areas such as Fashion Design and Art History, Regent’s Trustee Marguerite J. Dennis personally collected and donated all the items on display.

Speaking about the collection Marguerite said: ‘It is a joy for me to see you all here today. It is a joy for me that these clothes and this collection…are being used organically by this institution. 

Marguerite J. Dennis
Marguerite J. Dennis celebrates the opening of the collection.

‘I am grateful to this University, even though I will never get to meet and see all the people that contributed to this collection. The students that will benefit from this collection, you are keeping these memories alive for me and for that, I will always be extremely grateful.’

The 'Marguerite J Dennis Costume Collection' will be on display in Regent's Knapp Gallery from Friday 4 October to Saturday 9 November 2019.

External visitors can view the collection by emailing Rebecca Cox on [email protected].