Regent’s awarded for diversity, equality and inclusion

Regent’s has gained silver in a nationwide award for inclusion and diversity in the workplace.  

‘Getting recognition for the strides we have taken in recent years is very rewarding,’ said Sue Shutter, Pro Vice-Chancellor Human Resources. 

‘We are on the right track on the journey to where we want to be – to foster and celebrate a diverse, inclusive workforce with a wide variety of skills, perspectives and backgrounds, where everyone feels valued and included,’ she said.  

‘We believe that a diverse and inclusive organisational culture – one in which everyone feels valued and can learn or work to their full potential – makes for a more effective and productive higher education workforce.’ 

Regent’s Equality, Diversity and Inclusion policy outlines the University’s approach for the next three years.

In the policy, Professor Geoff Smith, Vice-Chancellor and CEO, said that: ‘Regent’s prides itself in this diversity and wants its students and staff to feel valued, and for them to be exemplary global citizens, upholding and being ambassadors of such values. 

‘We have staff and students from around the world, with a broad range of differences, which we want to respect and celebrate. We will always ensure equality of opportunity for all its members and treat all members with respect and dignity,’ he said. 

The Talent Inclusion and Diversity Evaluation (TIDE) is overseen by the Employers Network for Equality and Inclusion (ENEI), and scores companies on their performance in multiple categories:  

  • Workforce 
  • Strategy and plan 
  • Leadership and accountability 
  • Recruitment and attraction 
  • Training and development 
  • Other employment practices 
  • Communication and engagement 
  • Procurement.