Regent's DPsych Counselling Psychology students receive notable awards

DPsych Students Keri Delport and Juliana Jolly

Regent's DPsych students Keri Delport and Juliana Kraeva Jolly have been recognised for their outstanding research and contribution to the fields of counselling psychology, psychotherapy and existentialism.

Keri Delport, a year-three trainee counselling psychologist at Regent's, is the winner of the national BPS Division of Counselling Psychology trainee prize. Keri received the award for her submission of her literature review about psychotherapy for non-speaking autistic adults. Keri's prize will be celebrated at the upcoming Division of Counselling Psychology conference in Summer 2021 and will be published in the Counselling Psychology Review under the title: Listening Beyond Words: How Can the Sensory, Communication and Relational Experiences of Non-Speaking Autistic Adults Guide Psychotherapeutic Practice.

Upon receiving the award, Keri commented: 'To be honest, I was shocked when I found out that I had won. I have never felt confident as an academic writer, and I entered the trainee competition in the hopes that I would receive constructive feedback so that I could improve for future publication. 

'I am so grateful for the platform it has provided me with, to build awareness on a topic I feel so passionate about. Following the award, I am in the process of publishing a literature review exploring the absence of non-speaking autistic voices in literature and practice.'

Fellow year three trainee counselling psychologist, Juliana Kraeva Jolly, has been announced as the winner of the 2020-21 award from the Hans W. Cohn Fund for The Society for Existential Analysis. Juliana received the award for her research proposal exploring relationships between the experience of borderline personality disorder and existential isolation.

Juliana said: 'I feel honoured and very pleased to have been selected for the Hans W. Cohn fund. This will support me in continuing in the Regent's tradition of existential thought and practice.

'Through my research into the experience of existential isolation in individuals diagnosed with borderline personality disorder - I hope to contribute to the understanding of this diagnosis and to a humanist approach in the clinical setting. I am extremely grateful to the whole DPsych team, whose genuine commitment and support inspired me to apply for this award.'

Programme Director of the Counselling Psychology programmes at Regent's, Professor Isabel Henton, said: ‘Many congratulations to both Keri and Juli on their achievements - we are so proud to be working alongside these dedicated students on their research projects.’

About the BPS Division of Counselling Psychology trainee prize

The aim of this prize is to promote and encourage excellence in the training and practice of counselling psychology in all its professional arenas. The purpose is to stimulate Trainee Counselling Psychologists to attain excellence in their written work during the course of their training.

About the Hans W. Cohn Fund

The Society for Existential Analysis - Hans W. Cohn Fund is a continuation of the scholarship that was established by the SEA in 1996 on the occasion of Hans’ 80th Birthday. Hans was committed to the practice of existential psychotherapy as a psychotherapist, author, tutor and supervisor.In the spirit of his work applications will only be considered from students who show a strong commitment to existential psychotherapy and from those researching existential concepts with regard to their relevance for the existential practitioner. This prize fund is awarded to students who show a strong commitment to existential psychotherapy and those researching the relevance of existential concepts to the existential practitioner.