Regent’s graduate achieves CMI Chartered Manager status in shortest time possible

Regent’s alumna Martina Merelli has achieved CMI Chartered Manager status after completing her MA Management degree in October. Martina achieved this in the shortest time possible by drawing on the skills she’s accumulated in her work and studies.

Martina is passionate about developing the arts industry and building personal connections in the field, and she says her CMI accreditation and time at Regent’s provides her essential skills to help her do just that.

Martina Merelli, Chartered Manager, MA, CMgr
Martina Merelli, Chartered Manager, MA, CMgr

‘Regent’s University London and CMI have given me confidence in myself and my ability to work in different situations, deal with uncertainty and manage complexity. My year at Regent’s was inspirational and fundamental in my growth as a manager and a person. Getting chartered with CMI added to this great year and will continue to enhance my career.’

After finishing her MA, Martina returned to Alberta, Canada to resume her strategic project management role in arts and hospitality. Currently, she is spearheading a launchpad to support artists and exhibitions from London to Los Angeles, launching a physical gallery, and contributing to the development of the arts industry.

She is also collaborating with her former tutor Dr Eric Chan to introduce the LEGO Serious Play model into their company. The model is designed to dramatically improve business performance by combining different learning styles (visual, auditory and kinaesthetic) so introverts and extroverts can better communicate their ideas.

‘This methodology has a tremendous strategic opportunity and benefit, which means we can use it to help improve business operations and management,’ Martina comments. ‘I use the tools I’ve gained at Regent’s and with CMI to help me analyse businesses – the Lego Serious Play methodology is just one example of this,’ Martina says.

To become a chartered manager, Martina needed to meet CMI’s criteria, including:

  • Degree level management qualification,
  • A minimum of 3 years’ management experience,
  • Proven management competence,
  • A commitment to CMI Professional Standards and continuing professional development (CPD).

She qualified under CMI’s exemption route, which is designed for applicants who want to improve their organisation’s management performance.