Regent's lecturers present at The London Screenwriters' Festival

Screenwriting lecturers, Phil Hughes and Ted Wilkes, recently delivered a talk at the London Screenwriters’ Festival 2021. The pair presented the latest in a series of talks, taken from their upcoming book on narrative structure: The Beginning, The Middle & The End.

They shared the virtual stage with big names in the film industry, such as Marquita Robinson, who worked on GLOW and Black-ish; Peter Craig, who was the writer for the upcoming The Batman, The Hunger Games: Mockingjay films and Top Gun: Maverick; and Eric Kripkeknown for The Boys and Supernatural

Both academics were pleased with the reaction they had from the virtual crowd, and there was plenty of buzz around their unique approach to creating and developing engaging narratives.

Phil Hughes, who was really excited about the great turnout they had on the day, commented: ‘We are regular speakers at The London Screenwriters’ Festival, the world’s biggest screenwriting event, and, despite being online and on a Sunday and on Valentine’s Day, we had a good turnout and some great questions from the crowd. This is a great opportunity for us to play with ideas and try out new theories we can share with our students.’

Phil and Ted are already looking forward to the next iteration of the festival, which will hopefully be happening (depending on COVID-19 regulations) in September at Regent’s University London. The proposal for The Beginning, The Middle and The End is currently at the final stages with a large publishing house in the UK, and the pair look forward to releasing this. 

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