Regent’s partners with Richmond and Hillcroft Adult Community College

Regent’s University London recently welcomed female students from Richmond and Hillcroft Adult Community College (RHACC) for a two week course in screenwriting, for a mixture of lectures and workshops.

Regent’s has previously worked with Hillcroft College in offering a taster programme, for which the University was shortlisted for the Times Higher Education Widening Participation award in 2012.  RHACC specialise in providing women with access to higher education courses for those returning to learning or progressing their education, closing achievement gaps between the most advantaged and disadvantaged adults

Hillcroft’s 2020 centenary became the theme for the students’ films, exploring all genres including fiction and nonfiction. The finished films can then be used in participants’ portfolios when applying for further study or employment. 

Hillcroft Screenwriting
Students and staff who took part in the screenwriting course

This year's summer course gave students a chance to sample what is on offer at Regent's and provided an opportunity to challenge themselves in different ways said Line Langebek, lecturer in screenwriting.

‘The work produced during the two weeks was powerful, imaginative and inspiring for all of us.’

Over the two weeks, three films were produced which each have strong messages - in different ways - of women's liberation and equality and what those things might mean for women today.

Mona, a student of the programme, commented: ‘I really enjoyed the course. I come from an acting background and used to be quite fearful of the technical and production aspects of filmmaking, thinking I wasn't technically gifted enough to create my own larger projects. But this completely demystified the process and made it all seem a lot more accessible.’

Fellow student, Della said: ‘I've been making short films for my poetry YouTube channel (poetinpyjamas), so it was great to have this opportunity to work with professionals on the Regent's summer course. Visiting directors and camera crew shared valuable first-hand experiences and we worked on our own short films alongside technicians, tutors and students. I learnt so much in a short time.’

Caroline Blanchard, Outreach Manager added: ‘This year, our pilot screenwriting and filmmaking course coincides with RHACC’s upcoming 100th anniversary. We would like to continue to offer further access to higher education through our new partnership with Richmond and Hillcroft Adult Community College and to encourage new students to study with us, particularly through applying to our bursary programme.’