Regent’s sponsors the St Marylebone Festival 2019

This year's programme celebrated the St Marylebone’s American connections. As a proud sponsor, Regent’s was excited to get involved and share the University’s American legacy. 

Regent's sponsored the GRAMMY award-winning San Francisco Girls Chorus performance, featuring American choral music by one of the USA's leading choirs.

San Francisco Girls
San Francisco Girls performing at St Marylebone Church

Alyssa Takagi, student records officer said: ‘My colleagues and I had a great time at the concert. The choir was so talented, and it was incredible to watch and hear.  Their voices were quite varied which made for fuller sounding songs. The music sounded great in church, of course, and as always, the church was beautiful.’

The Church Crypt also hosted a roaring twenties soirée, complete with evening concert, where the Revd Canon Dr Stephen Evans introduced a fantastic 1920’s themed evening, featuring choir members performing both instrumentals and singing in character, such as Noel Coward and Ivor Novello. The programme included classical musical numbers from the Gershwin Songbook and a Laurel and Hardy silent movie, with a live organist accompaniment.

‘It was a great showcase of Marylebone’s famous patrons throughout history and the local talent that we are lucky enough to have on our doorstep. We hope that more Regent’s staff and students can attend and even participate in these performances next year,’ commented Caroline Blanchard, Outreach Manager.