Regent’s students hear from New Look about fashion sustainability

Fabrics lecture

Angela Gilbey, Sourcing Development Manager at high-street fashion chain, New Look, was invited to deliver a lecture to Regent’s University London BA (Hons) Fashion Marketing students in November. The discussion focused on her work in textiles and how the global climate emergency is impacting clothing manufacturing and sourcing.

During the session, Angela addressed the current actions the textile industry is taking to tackle the damage caused by fast fashion – highlighting the devastating environmental impact of microplastics being released into the world’s oceans. 

She also spoke on possible taxes and legislation being introduced in the next five years that aims to force companies currently not complying with manufacturing, pollution, and excessive landfill rules, to do so.

Regent’s final year BA (Hons) Fashion Marketing students found the session useful in helping to inform their final year projects on sustainable fashion. 

Mallory Metikosh said: ‘Angela’s lecture was insightful and a great look into the fashion industry and the immensely challenging topic of sustainability. It was great to hear her views and the steps that New Look is taking towards being more sustainable. I felt that Angela was very personable and easy to talk to and learn from.’

Meghan Lynch said: ‘I was thrilled to be able to attend Angela’s talk. Angela discussed her career journey, her role as Sourcing Development Manager at New Look, and the efforts New Look is taking to become more sustainable – which was very beneficial to me since my dissertation is on the topic. Angela showed us physical examples of sustainable fabrics and materials, which were fascinating to see, touch, and learn about.’

Following the session, both students were able to interview Angela for their final year projects, with additional questions on what actions high street fashion brands can take to ensure a more sustainable planet. 

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