Shri Dhandhapaani, Fashion Marketing student

MA International Fashion Marketing, Harrods Internship

Shri Dhandhapaani, Harrods Internship

Shrimithraa (Shri) Dhandhapaani, MA International Fashion Marketing student, completed an internship with the world’s most famous department store, Harrods.

In her internship, she joined the By Appointment team, where she undertook a two-month project to be presented to Harrods stakeholders.

Shri worked with the By Appointment team, who offer an unrivalled service which makes shopping an effortless pursuit.

'It has been an eye-opener to the fast-paced environment of the retail fashion side. This is my first internship here in London so it’s been the best experience I could have asked for - from the time we walk in, to the time we leave, a whole lot of things happen throughout the day. It’s a lot to take in, and you have to be very hard working.

Hear from Shri – Harrods intern and Regent's student
Hear from Shri – Harrods intern and Regent's student


'You learn how to be more planned and organised and to follow up on things, so you tend to realise the importance of building an actual relationship with clients. You have to be very patient, and communication is key.

'I think what I’ve learned from Harrods that I’ll take into my role is communication. We deal with the clients from the fashion side [in the family business], so manufacturers. I wouldn’t be dealing with retailers as such, but I think I’ve learned to communicate better with everyone.

'My experience at Harrods is definitely the highlight of my time at Regent’s – it’s the best thing to come out of my studies.”

Upon completing her Master’s at Regent’s, Shri will return home to the family business, which, fittingly, is in textiles and fashion, and says she’s learned much from her time at Harrods which will inform what she does in her future role.

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