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On-campus accommodation

On campus

Owing to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, it has been decided that Reid Hall will offer a very limited number of rooms for Autumn 2020. It is our intention that this number will rise in Spring 2021. We will be open for Spring 2021 bookings in September.

Please note that our accommodation partner, Urbanest, is accepting room bookings for Autumn 2020.

Our halls of residence are set in the beautiful, leafy grounds of our Regent's Park campus, looking out over the gardens, lake and surrounding park. Living in halls allows you to relax and socialise on campus while being only a short walk away from the vibrant shops and nightlife of the West End.

Reid Hall

Reid Hall is the main campus dormitory and houses 224 students in a mix of single, twin and triple spaces over four floors. Each floor has three communal bathroom facilities and, while the rooms include meal credit to be used in the University's range of dining outlets, there is also a pantry on each floor, providing you with access to a kettle, sink, and microwave. For more information on meal credit, please see below.

The Hall also contains a launderette which is located on the second floor, and a reception which is staffed 24 hours a day. The campus itself maintains a 24-hour security presence, ensuring a safe and comfortable stay.

Disabled Access

Eight rooms in Reid Hall have wheelchair access and are located on a corridor with accessible bathroom facilities. Students with disabilities are advised to contact the Accommodation Office to discuss their specific needs: email [email protected] or phone +44 (0)20 748 77483.

Accommodation continued

Oliver Flats

The Oliver Flats are a small collection of rooms that are on campus but separate from the dormitory. Each room has its own private bathroom and shares the same kitchen. There are three single rooms and one twin space available in the Oliver Flats. Meal credit for use in the University's range of dining outlets is included with these spaces.

Meal credit

Students living in University-managed housing on campus receive meal credit on their ID card as part of their housing fees. The card contains a set amount of credit (total figure of £90 per week) and works on a declining debit system, which you can use to purchase any item of food or non-alcoholic drink from the Refectory or other onsite catering outlets. This amount does not guarantee you three meals a day, seven days a week. If your credit runs out you can top up your balance, or use cash or a debit card.

If at any time you need assistance please do not hesitate to contact [email protected] or phone: +44 (0)20 748 77483.

Prices for 2020/21

Semester and full-time students

  Autumn 2020
(13 weeks)
Spring 2021
(18 weeks)
Spring 2021
(16 weeks)
Summer 2021
(11 weeks)
Considered suitable for: All students, including study abroad Regent's and study abroad students BA (Hons) Global Management students commencing their programme in January 2020: Term 1 BA (Hons) Global Management students commencing their programme in January 2020: Term 2
Reid Hall Single Room £5,460.00 £7,380.00 £6,540.00 £4,620.00
Reid Hall Twin Space £4,420.00 £5,940.00 £5,260.00 £3,740.00
Reid Hall Triple Space £4,225.00 £5,670.00 £5,020.00 £3,575.00
Oliver Flats Single Room £6,045.00 £8,190.00 £7,260.00 £5,115.00
Oliver Flats Twin Space £5,460.00 £7,380.00 £6,540.00 £4,620.00
Arrival date 20/09/2020 17/01/2021 17/01/2021 09/05/2021
Departure date 19/12/2020 22/05/2021 09/05/2021 24/07/2021
Meal credit included £1,170.00 £1,440.00 £1,260.00 £990.00

English Language Centre students

Bed Space

Autumn 2020/Spring 2021

Reid Hall Single Room    

£420 a week, food* included

Reid Hall Twin Space

£340 a week, food* included

Reid Hall Triple Space

 £325 a week, food* included

Oliver Single Room £465 a week, food* included
Oliver Twin Space £420 a week, food* included

*Prices are per person, per week and include £90 of meal credit. The meal credit that is included in the on-campus housing fees is put on your ID card. It does not guarantee you three meals a day, seven days a week; it is just like having cash and you must budget to make it last. If it runs out you can always add more or use cash. 

How to apply for housing 

To apply for University housing, complete the online application form.

To apply for Urbanest accommodation, visit the Urbanest page.

Please note that bookings are made for the official school term dates. These may not coincide exactly with your exam dates: you do not receive any refund if you leave the housing early.

Under 18 Policy 

If you are under 18 years of age when you move into the dormitory your application form must have been completed and signed by a parent or guardian. They must provide their contact details and understand that the University does not stand in loco parentis to their child/charge.

Contact us 

The Housing Office,
Regents University London,
Inner Circle, Regents Park,
London, NW1 4NS

Phone: +44 (0)20 7487 7483
Email: [email protected]