Payment plans

Eligibility criteria for payment plans

Payment plans are available for new and returning students if the following criteria are met: 

  1. Enrolment has been completed on an undergraduate or postgraduate degree seeking course
  2. The student/sponsor has a University accepted credit or debit card
  3. The student has no outstanding balances from prior academic periods. 

Students with an outstanding balance from prior academic periods will not be able to request a payment plan using Recurring Card Payment (RCP) and will need to clear their balance before being able to request a payment plan. Students with outstanding balances will not see the option of RCP displayed to them, and therefore will not be able to set up a payment plan until all past due balance is cleared. 

If eligible, students can apply for an RCP through Regent’s online payment services.

Timing of instalments

Payment plans are offered in three equal interest-free instalments, payable monthly within the term. For example, for autumn semester, the first instalment is payable 24 hours upon completion of online enrolment. Second and third instalments will be payable approximately one month and two months respectively after the first instalment.

Failure to adhere to a payment plan

Default of against a payment plan will result in the plan being withdrawn and tuition fees payable immediately. 

All payment plans are recurring card payments.

Students with loan funding

Students with SLC funding need to contact Regent’s finance office (020 7487 7447) before using RCP option for requesting a payment plan. This is to ensure that the instalments are amended to reflect the timing and value of loan receipts.

Tuition fee payment in advance of enrolment

Students who would like to pay fees before enrolling can do so through our online payment services

This is not recommended as enrolling and paying through e-vision will ensure accurate allocation of tuition fees to your account.