Charlotte Fox Weber

Alumna of Advanced Diploma in Integrative Psychotherapy

Charlotte studied both her MA and advanced diploma at Regent’s. She now works as the Head of Psychotherapy at a global organisation that teaches emotional intelligence through individual and group therapy sessions. 

Testimonial: Charlotte Fox Weber

Charlotte at Regent's

For Charlotte, Regent’s gave her the freedom to explore different ideas and cultivate her own unique approach to psychotherapy. She currently works for The School of Life, and manages a team of 14 psychotherapists, three of which are Regent’s alumni.

‘I was longing to find a training programme that could allow for the rigour of psychoanalysis but also the freedom of other therapy approaches. When I first visited Regent’s, I met the head of psychotherapy at the time. She was so earthy, so animated discussing the training options, so inviting, I felt instantly at home.’

‘During my time at Regent's, I felt so inspired and empowered by my lecturers. They model living fully — they are dedicated, at the top of their profession, and they still laugh and enjoy being alive. They lead by example and demonstrate what it takes to push forward and still have joie. Those qualities inspired me in a hugely formative way.’

‘Regent’s is a vibrant, warm, inviting place where you can ask questions and meet amazing people. It’s a place where you can find out about so many ideas, and also connect them to real life. I think that’s a really important part of training at Regent’s. You can actually apply the skills you learn and live a fuller existence going beyond university.’