Ellen Ryan

BSc Psychology alumna

Ellen is a psychology graduate, who completed both her foundation and undergraduate degrees at Regent's.

Testimonial: Ellen Ryan

Ellen in the University grounds

From a young age, Ellen was fascinated by psychology. During a visit to Regent’s Park, she discovered Regent’s and decided this was the right university for her.

‘The thought of being able to study in the most beautiful university in London was quite breath-taking. The Integrated Foundation programme allowed me to leave my sixth form and study for my dream career.’

‘Regent’s gives you the freedom to make your work your own, learning how to delegate your time effectively and make use of all of the amazing resources available to you at the University. The library is a great aid as we have a specialist psychology librarian who can give us expert advice on books and referencing.’

‘On a personal level, I believe Regent’s has prepared me very well for my future. I have been a part of the Student Union since my foundation year and now I’m the President of Psychology at Regent’s. Being part of the Union has given me a sense of belonging, which I’ll really cherish.’

‘Regent’s has the added benefit of being smaller, which allows us to get to know people from different courses and degree levels. With students from over 140 nationalities, you also get to know students from all over the world.’

‘The walk through Regent’s Park to the University is probably the best part of the day for everyone. Be it the middle of winter or a bright summer day, each season is perfectly represented once you walk through the back gate from the Park into the Regent's grounds.’

‘Regent's may be small but it has a very large character. I feel so lucky to work and socialise in such an incredible environment.’