Nathan Musoki

Undergraduate acting alumnus

Nathan is an aspiring actor, and chose to attend Regent’s because it gave him the opportunity to study in a world centre for theatre and film. 

Testimonial: Nathan Musoki

Nathan rehearsing at the Marylebone Theatre

For Nathan, the acting degree at Regent's allowed him to explore acting for both stage and screen, and develop the interdisciplinary skills to work in both fields.

‘The acting degree at Regent’s is so unique. The balance of theoretical and practical learning has allowed me to delve deeper into my craft and become a more versatile actor.’

‘It has taught me how to better understand the connection between my body and voice, as well as the importance of being an effective ensemble member. It is very liberating to have the opportunity to you let go of your thoughts and just let your body lead you.’

‘I was also really attracted by the big international community at Regent’s, as it gave me the opportunity to meet people of different cultures and nationalities. The central location also influenced my decision as it is so close to the West End, right in the heart of the city. 

‘My main goal is to be a screen actor, however I would love to perform Hamlet at the National Theatre.’