Why study business in London?

Why study business in London

Studying a business degree is a great way to kick-start your career and, with the chance to gain valuable work experience and build a network of industry contacts, London offers unrivalled opportunities – both during and after your studies. 

What’s more, once you graduate, you’ll be able to take advantage of a new two-year visa: enabling you to stay and work in the UK after your studies and make your mark on this thriving city. 

A wealth of opportunities 

Whether you see yourself leading a global organisation, or pioneering a start-up, London is the place to be to see your career soar – with a huge variety of business and employment opportunities available. 

With such a strong reputation worldwide, studying business in the city will help you to get noticed by a range of employers. While you study and complete internships, you’ll learn from Regent’s network of well-connected professionals – academics, alumni, industry links (from Harrods to McLaren) – and start to build a network of influential contacts that you can lean on in the future – building your own little black book, mapped to your career path. 

These contacts can open doors once you graduate, enabling you to start businesses, launch products, manage successful global companies and become entrepreneurs in your own right. In fact, Regent’s was recently named as the university that develops the highest percentage of founders in the UK, according to Resume.io. 

It’s the world’s largest business hub 

London is known globally for housing some of the world’s largest and most important economic hubs – from the financial district in Canary Wharf to legal firms in Holborn, retail and creative businesses in the West End and, of course, Parliament in Westminster. The city’s home to more than 250 foreign banks, the highest number of any financial district in the world, and London investors funnel more than £200K above the global average into start-ups – so you’ll be in a great position for starting your own business. 

In fact, the UK’s largest sector, making up 79% of our total GDP, is the services industry – an entire sector which exclusively exists to support businesses. Although graduates can work in practically any sector, the strength of London’s services industry means that there’s a special need for graduates with business knowledge and skills – a real bonus. 

English is the language of business  

English is known the ‘lingua franca’ of global business, and a good grasp of it is essential if you want to work across borders – in any discipline. If your native tongue isn’t English, London is the perfect place to practice it – from ordering coffee with friends, to chatting stocks, growth and margins at university and during internships. 

Regent's: London's #4 for learning commmunity (NSS, 2021)

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You’ll become a global citizen 

The world of business is an international one, so it’s important to start connecting with people around the world as well as in the UK. And, with London attracting students from almost every country on earth, you’ll not only make international friends, but you’ll gain valuable business insights into what does and doesn’t work globally.  

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