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8 top tips to compose the perfect portfolio

Your portfolio is an edited collection of your best work – showcasing your skills, interests and imagination using a range of media, materials and techniques. 

Creating the perfect portfolio may seem like an intimidating task, so here are some of our top tips to help you along the way:

1. It’s as much about the creative journey as the finished product

Make sure to include information about your journey and experimentation – we're just as keen to see your design process and creative potential, as your final pieces.

2. Be decisive

Select work that best demonstrates your technical skills and your creative aptitude – and avoid including pieces that lack purpose within the wider narrative of your portfolio.

3. Show evidence of your own research

We like to see your sources of inspiration and visual research – and how this informs the development of your designs.

4. Your portfolio needs to speak for itself

You may not have time to explain every piece, so make sure your work speaks for itself – adding clear explanations and references throughout.

5. First impressions count!

Start and end with your strongest pieces to ensure your portfolio is memorable, and use a simple layout to illustrate your creative talent in the shortest amount of time.

6. Make sure your personality shines through

We want to see your personality and individual style as well as your technical skills. It's important that we get to know you, and what you want to put out into the world!

7. Make sure it ticks all the course requirements

When building your portfolio, read through the portfolio guidelines for your course and ensure you've ticked all the requirements.

8. Most importantly – have fun!

The more fun you have with your portfolio, the more we'll be able to see your creativity and passion.

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