Guidance for preparing your portfolio

As part of your application to join a design course at Regent's, you'll be asked to submit a portfolio of your work to be reviewed by our academic team.

This is a collection of work that shows your skills, personality and creative potential – and usually includes research, examples of development and experimentation (from sketches and illustrations, to textile work, collages and digital art), and photographs of garments or models you've made.

Here, you'll find guidance on how to prepare your portfolio – as well as some information on what you'll need to include.

Interview and portfolio process – Fashion Design
Interview and portfolio process – Interior Design







A typical portfolio contains three to four projects, and demonstrates:

Your range of approaches

We want to see a variety of materials, themes, mediums and techniques across three or four different projects – giving a design response to your own individual research. Pick a fashion or interior-related project or opt for something else that shows your personality and creativity – art, textiles, graphics, ceramics, photography.

Your creative process

We like to see your experimentation and the development of your work – as well as your final project outcomes. This helps us to understand your creative thinking and gives us a visual record of your problem-solving and technical development skills using a variety of materials and techniques.

Your ability to create a strong narrative

Communicate your inspiration, design process and vision clearly to explain your journey from concept to final designs – and explain how your own research interests inform your ideas. An interest in contemporary fashion or interior design is important, however your project work should be informed by wider art and culture.

Your ability to edit and curate your work

Present your project work through carefully curated portfolio pages – with examples of your research, your idea development and your finished pieces.

How to submit your portfolio

You’ll be asked to submit a digital portfolio when you book your interview. It should be 20-24 pages (ideally A3 size) and you should compress and consolidate all of your work into one PDF document – saving it as ‘your-name-regents-portfolio.pdf’.


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