Professor Castulus Kolo

Member of the Board of Directors

Professional Biography

Castulus Kolo first studied physics with a PhD for research at CERN, where he came across the world wide web as one of the early users in 1989. His additional PhD in social anthropology was driven by an interest in how other cultures appropriate innovations. Castulus gathered professional experience from strategy consulting as well as applied research with the German Fraunhofer Society to a board position at the corporate venture management of a major publishing house. Throughout his management career, Castulus Kolo continued his academic activities as a lecturer on innovation management, media and ICT at several universities, and joined Macromedia in 2007, where he became president in February 2020. His research is focused on the preconditions, the diffusion as well as the effects of media innovations at the intersection of economy, society, and technology. Since 2019 he has been president of the International Media Management Academic Association (IMMAA).