Film production

Aesthetica – meet the directors

Moksha, directed by Jithin Majeed

Royal Television Society award winner. Documentary artistically observing the holy city of Varanasi, in the North Indian province of Uttar Pradesh, its rituals, quirks and the minds of the people in hopes of understanding humanity, humility, fate and life. 2019. India. Hindi & English, with Hindi subtitles. Duration: 15.24. Produced by Anxious Eddy Pictures. Read more

Fred & Kev and the 10 Step Steegan, directed by Maximus Hugo

Royal Television Society award nominee. A comedy series set in the early 2000s about two friends’ attempts to be pro skaters in London. Kev wants to help both his friends get on a skateboard team. However, there is only one spot open. 2019. Jersey & USA. English. Duration: 12.46. Produced by: Toes Productions. Read more.

Stay Still, directed by Natasha Fairchild

On a date to an immersive play, a man is blinded by his thirst for sex, missing the horrors right in front of him. A film with purpose and a message; from Kalief Browder to #thisisnotconsent, there are many references to real-world incidents and movements. 2019. Belgium & USA. English. Duration: 9.41

New Factory, directed by Pam Down

Political animation. Public funding and charities develop new drugs and treatments but, during manufacturing, the pharmaceutical companies ramp up the prices so that the NHS can barely afford to buy them back. 2020. UK. English. Duration: 7.24. Produced by: PAMTV.

My Other Half, directed by Tor-Øyvind Orhan Johansen

Noah, imprisoned in his own mind, tries to come to terms with the voice of his past lover. Can Noah accept the past and move on? Based on the novel the Untold Story About Alexander. 2020. Norway. English. Duration: 7.24. Produced by Pulsar IV.