Madison de Villiers

Madison De Villiers

Madison de Villiers followed in her sister’s footsteps in attending Regent’s after seeing the 'exquisite campus grounds' in the heart of London's Regent's Park. Having loved her time here, she confidently says that 'the opportunity to study in such a beautiful environment, amongst people from so many different cultures, has added so much more to my educational journey. I would recommend it to anyone who wants an exceptional university experience in the capital'.

After graduating with an MA in International Business in 2014, Madison embarked on a long journey to establish her global luxury candle business S A N C T London. A lifelong connection to nature, originating from her childhood in Africa, and the need to create a sacred space for herself in London, provided the inspiration for S A N C T – which was soft launched in September 2020.

While having always been interested in the luxury brand sector, Madison only became an entrepreneur after leaving a career in consultancy and taking the bold step into enterprise. She commented, 'the business acumen and marketing skills I learnt at Regent's were incremental in the start-up of S A N C T' and – after months of testing, trial and error – her luxury business was born.

Madison’s passion for candles shines through when talking about her brand; 'S A N C T is about creating your own personal sanctuary. We all need to have sacred spaces, spaces to feel connected through the threads of time. Candles have a way of pulling those spaces together. They are ritualistic and steeped in memory. The flame and scent create an atmosphere and mood that is sometimes other-worldly. The act of burning a candle existed long before us, throughout history, and will continue to be a part of our spiritual and physical lives'.

All S A N C T candles are hand poured to ensure quality control using only the finest premium fragrance and essential oil blends as well as natural eco-friendly soy wax. Invested in every aspect of the business, Madison has learnt that, 'not only is there an aesthetic element to candle creation, but there is also a science. You need to be confident in your formula to ensure the best outcome and burn result. You want your customers to feel they are investing in an experience that they will return for time and time again'.