An Open Access first for Regent’s

While the world is turning to open access research as the norm for publishing research, Regent’s University London Professor of Psychology, G Neil Martin, has struck a University first. 

Professor Martin’s paper on whether psychology journals accept replications as standard has now achieved an Altmetric score of 254. This puts it in the top 5% of all research outputs in the world scored by Altmetric. An Altmetric score reflects the attention given to a specific journal paper using an algorithm that measures how often and widely it is referenced or mentioned. 

Professor Martin’s paper, co-authored with Rich Clarke and published in the open access journal Frontiers In…,  has now been viewed over fifteen thousand times and downloaded almost 1500 times. It has been cited as a source on three Wikipedia pages. Martin & Clarke found that of more than 1151 psychology and psychology-related journals, only 3% at the time explicitly stated they accepted or encouraged the submission of replications of research.

Neil’s other paper published with Frontiers In…Cognition has been viewed almost 30,000 times. This was the first review of the psychology of horror published anywhere.

Commenting on this achievement and on open access generally, Professor Martin said: 

'Open access is becoming rightly the norm, with funding bodies requiring this as our Gold Standard and Plan S soon coming into effect. Open access is also hugely advantageous for Regent’s as it demonstrates how widely and significantly our research can have an impact. If more people can access your research, it will be more widely read and recognised.'

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