A white woman poses infront of a red sculpture, wearing an outfit designed by student Jack for Studio Amelia.

Fashion Design students complete a live industry project with Studio Amelia

Regent's students on the BA (Hons) Fashion Design degree course have completed a live industry project with Studio Amelia.

Imogen Bowman, Senior Designer at Studio Amelia, briefed the students at the start of the module, gave mid-term advice on work in progress, and provided feedback to the students at their end of term industry presentations.

Imogen said, 'I think first hand experience in the industry is so important – I interned throughout my degree and learned so much – so I highly recommend getting as much experience as you can throughout your studies. Establishing and maintaining the relationships you make in the industry can lead to many word of mouth opportunities throughout your career.

'Live industry projects help students to learn to adapt their aesthetic and design to a brief, which is an important skill.'

 Anzal Khowaja
Designed by Anzal Khowaja for Studio Amelia

The project brief was to design a collection comprising six outfits and produce one completed outfit. Students were asked to encapsulate the Studio Amelia aesthetic within their work and draw upon relevant inspirations and references to create an outcome. Sustainability and wearability was also a focus throughout the project.

Second year student Anzal enjoyed the challenge of thinking outside her individual identity as a designer. She said, 'It was very humbling working on a live project, because before this I had only been designing whatever I liked, not considering any audience. So it was a much-needed change, because in the real world we are designing for people rather than ourselves.' 

Alexa, another student on BA (Hons) Fashion Design, was impressed by the amount of work she was able to complete: 'Over the course of the term I was able to develop a cohesive fabric and colour story, a six piece collection, manufacture original looks, and photograph them in a stylised photoshoot.'

In the last week of the project, students were asked to present their projects to Studio Amelia and receive real-time feedback. Imogen said she was 'impressed with the students' 3D work which involved a lot of draping. This often leads to the most interesting ideas and it was great to see so many of the students experimenting with new silhouettes informed by this.'

A white woman poses in front of a glass structure, wearing an outfit designed by student Alexa for Studio Amelia.
Designed by Alexa Romero for Studio Amelia

Alexa said she learned a lot about the way the industry really works. 'I learned that in the industry it’s important to have your own design identity, but it’s equally as important to know how to be flexible and collaborate well with others, because it is through collaboration that innovation flourishes.'

BA (Hons) Fashion Design at Regent's

Regent's BA (Hons) in Fashion Design teaches students to design and develop innovative collections that demonstrate a signature style – learning the art of illustration, pattern cutting and drape, garment construction, textile development and digital media skills. Students also engage with social, cultural and ethical issues affecting the wider industry, developing a strong eye for future fashion trends.

As well as Studio Amelia, Regent's has previously collaborated with industry leaders at COS, Georgia Hardinge and Tom Tailor.

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About Studio Amelia

Studio Amelia launched in 2019 with a niche range of Footwear, which was picked up by major retailers including NAP, Lane Crawford, Browns, Moda Operandi and more in its first season. Since then, the brand has grown to offer Accessories and Ready-to-Wear. 

Integral to the brands core values are sustainability and ethical design. Studio Amelia are deeply considerate of the fabrics and trims they source and wherever possible they use sustainable qualities or deadstock. The Ready-to-Wear collection is produced locally in Sydney and they foster close relationships with local factories to ensure the clothes are ethically made.