Final year students showcase their acting skills

Third year Regent’s acting students have formed their own theatre company – ‘Cult Arts’ - to showcase their skills before they leave the security of the Regent’s campus and dip their toes in the professional world of TV, film and theatre. 

Since the curtain came down on their final class production in April, they have been writing and  rehearsing monologues and scenes from contemporary plays, and have produced a lunchtime and early evening casting showcase, inviting agents, casting directors, friends and family to support them in their last production as a group.

Together with external director, Gael Le Cornec, students devised and performed an adaptation of Federico Garcia Lorca's early-1930s play Yerma. Presenting to industry professionals, students used their creative talent to present a highly educating and enriching performance piece.

Acting 8
Student performs in the showcase

Student Shirley Wriedt said: ‘Regent's has offered us a rich ground to build on as actors and has given us enough space to explore our creativity. It has set the first stone for our international acting careers.’

Some of these young actors have been together since their integrated Foundation year right through to the culmination of their Acting and Global Theatre degree – a four year training that has now delivered them to the point where they can take their place in the entertainment industry. 

Anna Sullivan, Senior Lecturer and Course Leader, added: ‘The faculty are hugely impressed by the students’ enthusiasm for creating this showcase after finishing their graduation production. They booked the space, created the event, contacted agents and casting directors and built their own onward pathway into the industry.

‘We all wish them well in this most difficult yet most rewarding creative world of employment.’
Hopefully, the next time we see their names it will be on the credits of a Netflix blockbuster or above the canopy of a West End theatre!