Journal launch showcases Regent's creativity

The Scribe – front cover, issue 1, Summer 2020

Today marks the launch of the inaugural edition of The Scribe – an interdisciplinary journal of poetry, short fiction, essays and reviews from Regent’s staff and students.  

The journal’s editor, Dr Ana-Maria Pascal, outlined her vision: 

‘The Scribe offers a genuine opportunity to be taken seriously as a writer, irrespective of one's role or status within the institution. From the beginning we wanted to make this publication as inclusive as possible – hence, its interdisciplinary feature, and the fact that it gives a voice to both students and staff (from across departments).  

‘The journal showcases Regent’s community, which is creative and multifaceted, simple and sophisticated at the same time, thereby profoundly original and authentic. We celebrate diversity whilst being able to form a unique voice, like the polyphonic texture of a Bach cantata.’  

Dr Pascal also shared her vision for the future of the journal: 

‘The first thing to say is, I'd like to see the team grow. We have already launched a call for expressions of interest, and intend to regularly renew the team, to reflect the organic life of the institution. We would like to consider redefining  

We would like to consider refining the categories - should we have a cartoon section, for instance? And how could we expand the 'non-fiction' section? Should we distinguish between reflective diaries and academic essays, for instance? And there are other decisions to be made, about format. But the main thing is to express ourselves, in other words be active, get published! 

Read the journal online now