Regent's alumna launches new app

MSc Digital Marketing and Analytics alumna, Olesia Klevnaia, has launched an innovative new app that allows businesses to personalise their Instagram layouts with editable templates. 

Olessia Klevnaia
Olessia Klevnaia

Olesia attributes some of the success of her app to the community she built around her in the Hive – Regent's on-campus startup space – which she joined after graduating in 2016. She said the support she received there was invaluable:

'The Hive team gave me loads of energy and inspiration. They always tried to help with anything they could. Without a doubt, the Hive is a great starting point for entrepreneurs, as one can have access to an office in central London, along with a library, a park, and great leaders!'

She shared her vision for growing her company and marketing the app:

My long-term aim is to develop Digital Sekta as a leading digital marketing agency and I am excited about the prospect of cultivating OPPENAPP for all industries. I welcome and look forward to new challenges as a way to motivate myself to reach ever-higher targets.

Finally, Olesia offered some advice for other aspiring entrepreneurs: 

'Take the risk. You will never know what will happen until you try! Believe in yourself no matter what others are saying. No one succeeds immediately – this is a path on which you will be tested, as my lecturer, Eric Chan, always says. Last but now least – discipline yourself and value your time!'

Olessia Klevnaia app