Regent’s Student Union President and Crypto art designer featured as SuperWorld Artist in Residence

Regent’s Student Union President, and member of the Crypto Society, Camille Merré, was recently interviewed by the team at SuperWorld, after being named artist in residence. 

During the interview Camille explained the history of her family-run ethical jewellery business and gave details of the creation process behind the work. Camille also described how her Master’s degree in Management and Marketing at Regent’s has piqued her interest in Fintech and Crypto.  

Camille said: ‘I had the opportunity to e-meet Iskander Malikov, the Director of Fiat Europe for Binance (Alumni of Regent’s) last autumn as we wanted to learn more about the crypto space. We had a “click” moment as we were brainstorming the creation of “crypto jewellery” with a QR code including a unique digital art within the jewellery. 

She continued: With Aline, we knew from that moment that NFTs were the right tool for our projects. Consequently, we have registered our company in Zug (Switzerland), which is a “crypto valley” hub. We brainstormed with crypto experts to develop this unique product.’ 

As Artist-in-Residence in the SuperWorld Star Chamber, Camille will be participating in the upcoming NFT salon where she will exclusively launch NFT jewellery artworks for Camille Louise, a family-run jewellery collection. The digital artworks and collectables will be commissioned as physical pieces from the intangible to tangible on the digital marketplace using Blockchain technology.  

On her participation in the upcoming NFT salon, Camille said: ‘I am very happy as this is an amazing "elevator" being the 2nd Artists-in-Residence representing the month of June. It is the culmination of many years of work and especially the intense last few months.’ 

She further comments: ‘Blockchain has become part of artists’ practice, both as subject and medium, from verification tools for provenance and authenticity – blockchain and crypto have disrupted the art market.’ 

In addition, Camille has been working on her Regent’s University London business project entitled Collectivism in the Crypto Art World. With the supervision of Regent’s Professor Jonathan Wilson, the project aims to create an e-learning space dedicated to workshops on blockchain technology and digital art, aiming to empower artists while facilitating them to join a community that is co-created with other artists or art galleries present on the platform through democratisation and decentralisation. Find out more about Camille’s university project here.  

About SuperWorld 

SuperWorld is a virtual world in augmented reality (AR). The SuperWorld virtual real estate platform takes the form of 64.8 billion non-fungible tokens (NFT) corresponding to real-world space, from historical landmarks like the Great Wall to natural wonders like the Great Lakes and other iconic or personally meaningful locations. Any user in SuperWorld - from content viewers and collectors to developers and marketers - can buy and sell virtual real estate on the platform, with every plot of unowned property starting at 0.1 ETH. The SuperWorld AR app allows users to place persistent images/text/video/audio/3D and animation anywhere in the world, while the SuperWorld NFT Salon is a place where creators and collectors can engage in a groundbreaking new marketplace. SuperWorld is also backed up by prestigious Blockchain investors such as Tim Draper, Alon Goren, SOSV, China Accelerator and more.