Christian Rojas

Postgraduate marketing alumnus

After graduating from Regent's, Christian worked in strategic marketing for the Costa Rican goverment before launching his own communications agency, LithiumPR Mexico.

Testimonial: Christian Rojas

Christian Rojas

Christian decided to study at Regent’s because the MA programme seemed to match his future career plans, and he really liked the University's international community and academic outlook.

‘What I enjoyed the most about Regent’s was its multicultural community. When working in study groups, we got to listen to lots of different points of view. Also studying in such a cosmopolitan city with so many things going on definitely makes an impression. London has so many cultural offerings as well as business opportunities.’

‘I decided to start my own public relations firm in Mexico after spending two weeks in the city for some interviews and seeing the incredible potential of the sector. Watching my business grow and consolidate in a foreign country is very rewarding and satisfying. Now I am the owner and CEO a communication agency with over 32 full-time employees.

‘My advice is to follow your passion. The idea is not to feel like you’re working, but just putting your passion into practice. Specifically in the communication field, I recommend exploring all the new and upcoming technologies related to digital marketing. They are definitely the future of the industry.’