Kateryna Kononenko

Aspiring film and TV director

Kateryna Kononenko

Kateryna in a photo studio

From working as a runner on a Hollywood film to winning a TV competition in Cannes, Kateryna has worked hard to break into the industry before even graduating.

For Kateryna, studying at Regent’s not only helped her academically but also professionally and personally.

‘Regent’s has really broadened my horizons and changed my perspective on life, on people and myself as a creative person. My education wasn’t just about becoming a good filmmaker, it was about becoming a businessman. Regent’s teaches you how to adopt this entrepreneurial mind-set’

‘You get total creative freedom. The work you do is not just university work. It’s your chance to create something to be proud of. Something to showcase to help you in your career.’

Since joining Regent’s, Kateryna has worked as a runner on McQueen and interned as an assistant to a commercial director, where she worked on a number of projects including a Pampers campaign.

In April 2019, she and a team of three other Regent’s students also won the MIPTV student competition, which was held in Cannes. Their pitch for a new reality game show, Seven Keys, even captured the attention of a selection of TV companies who all want to take their idea forward.

‘Regent’s has set me on this journey and the more I do and the more I’m challenged – the more I get to understand who I am.’