Felicia Hjertman

Felicia Hjertman International Business, Finance alumna

Felicia Hjertman is a former investment manager who combined financial expertise and business flair to establish her fintech start-up, Tillit.

Felicia graduated from Regent’s in 2011, having studied International Business with majors in Finance and Russian language. 

In her penultimate year, she completed an internship at Baillie Gifford, an investment management firm in Edinburgh. Upon graduation, she joined their graduate scheme and built an eight-year career with the investment giant, including managing multi-billion dollar portfolios for institutional and retail clients.

Moving back to London to start Tillit, Felicia secured a £1 million investment to accelerate the development of the online platform. 

Before setting up Tillit, Felicia also embarked on a 12-week intensive software engineering course with General Assembly in London to learn to code. 

Felicia and Tillit are demonstrating the power of sector expertise, the value of retraining and learning new skills, the dynamism of an entrepreneurial mindset, and the importance of building a strong network. 

Felicia presented at the 2020 Regent’s careers week and is part of the Regent’s mentoring programme.