Makhdoom Zaman

Global Business Management alumnus

Makhdoom pursued a career in politics after graduating from Regent’s. At just 25, he was appointed the youngest ever district chairman in the history of Pakistan. He will continue to serve his term as chairman district council until 2020.

Testimonial: Makhdoom Zaman

Makhdoom in the grounds at Regent's

For Makhdoom, Regent’s played a vital role in preparing him for his political career. In particular, the cosmopolitan community at Regent’s really helped him to understand different people and schools of thought, which was essential for his political success.

‘The biggest inspiration for me are the people in my district. The people who have motivated me to stand up for them and bring change to my district. Regent’s had a major impact on preparing me for this role. It is so diverse, and it encourages you to comprehend with individuals from various schools of thought, which is a vital aspect of politics.’

‘I chose to study at Regent’s because I found the method of education quite unique compared to other universities in London. Global Business Management is also a vast field that explores beyond mediocre business, and facilities many careers including politics.’

‘My programme was both scholastically pertinent and pragmatic. Regent’s gives you the chance to apply what you realise. Rather than remembering actualities for exams, you chip away at genuine contextual investigations.

‘It has been an honour being a student at Regent’s, and even more so being part of the alumni. Now we get to share and interact with our colleagues and re-live our memories of the times we were enrolled at Regent’s and it’s truly humbling.’