Accommodation startup built on creativity and community

Riccardo Tessaro, Business & Management alumnus
Alumnus Riccardo Tessaro with Nils-Christian Folkesson, Regent’s alumnus and Head of Sales

The global shift to homeworking has meant big things for Gravity Co-living: a start-up that celebrates community and creativity in equal measure. 

Founded by Riccardo Tessaro, a Regent’s Business and Management alumnus, Gravity offers people healthy, productive places to live and work – and it’s built on a successful business model that combines wellbeing, engagement, innovation and community. 

It’s a business model that works – especially now, as working from home has become the new normal. 

‘Across London, we’ve retained high occupancy rates this year when other, more traditional models have really struggled. 

‘It’s because we’re offering more than a place to live – and that’s what people are looking for,’ he says. ‘You enter Gravity as an ambitious freelancer, and you meet lawyers, investors and young entrepreneurs. You become friends, exchange ideas and knowledge. You leave as an informed entrepreneur with an exciting and developed business plan.’

Riccardo first came up with the idea for Gravity while living and working in Hong Kong. Since March and the start of the global lockdown, he’s seen a huge uptick in demand. Now, he’s excited about Gravity’s fast-growing future, and plans to expand the company across the world – an ambitious but achievable strategy. 

‘We’ve had a 242% run-rate increase since opening our first building in Finsbury Park in London last year. Since March, the team has doubled, and now developers and investors are coming to us.'

About the business

Riccardo Tessaro, Business & Management alumnus

Gravity Co-living is at the forefront of short- and medium-term accommodation. Every tenant has a stake in building the community, and dedicated managers help foster an atmosphere for globally mobile millennials to share knowledge, develop ideas and build their network.

Riccardo identified an opportunity in the sector whilst working for an investment company in Hong Kong, Riccardo sought to start his own business, meeting a demand in the market for community-based co-living spaces. 

Riccardo believes, however, that the best communities at Gravity develop organically, by providing beautifully and ergonomically designed spaces to live, work and play. ‘Gravity is about delivering a dynamic living arrangement to help residents achieve professional goals and personal growth in a supportive and friendly environment.’ 

He says Gravity’s business model is underpinned by ‘the four pillars of personal wellbeing, meaningful engagement, professional growth and unconventional design.’