From Beijing to Buenos Aires: Roxanne’s scholarship has opened doors

In a few short years, Roxanne Taku has put more stamps on her passport than many people will see in a lifetime. But it’s these stamps that have given Roxanne a unique global perspective – and a drive to keep travelling and learning as much as possible.

A French citizen with Cameroonian heritage, Roxanne spent her childhood shifting between Nigeria, Alaska and Nottingham, before settling in South Africa to finish her schooling. On graduating, she decided to move to London to pursue her BA (Hons) International Business at Regent’s.

Roxanne Taku BAIB alumna
Roxanne Taku

It was here that her world opened up even more, thanks in part to the Dr Nicholas Bowen Award for Excellence, of which Roxanne was the inaugural recipient.

‘Receiving the Dr Nicolas Bowen Award for Excellence allowed me to travel and study abroad in China and Argentina, which ended up being the best experiences in my degree. Study abroad changed me. I learnt where my boundaries are, I tested my limits, and I grew as a person.’

Roxanne chose her programme because internationalism is baked in – and she got to practice her Chinese and Spanish language skills on the ground in two vastly different cultures, too.

'I got to immerse myself in the way of life and contextualise what I learnt at University. The scholarship gave me the freedom to travel to more rural areas and see what life is like outside a big city. It’s experiences like these that gave me a deep appreciation of the two countries.

Both countries are so different in terms of culture, language and their technological landscapes, and Roxanne says these dual perspectives helped her apply her business skills in such different environments.

The scholarship has also provided considerable benefits back in London.

‘At the awards ceremony for the scholarship, I met lots of alumni from around the world who now live in London, and I saw what a Regent’s education can do for your career. There were lots of people who had also studied abroad, so I was able to get some good advice before I headed overseas myself.’

And for now, London is where she wants to stay while she kickstarts her career.

‘Here, I’ve met likeminded, entrepreneurial people through networking events – and that’s so unique to London. While I want to travel the world and deepen my global perspective, the amount of networking opportunities, startups and innovation happening in this city is amazing.’

Read more about the Dr Nicholas Bowen Award for Excellence – and see how to apply – on our website.