'In times of crisis, invest in yourself' – Regent's alumna on the value of education

Anna Schebsdat
Anna Schebsdat

While it might sometimes be difficult to see beyond the current challenges of the pandemic and the competitive job market, Anna Schebsdat firmly believes that, if you can invest time to study and develop new skills now, you will gain a long-term advantage in your career. Whether you are at the start of your career, or you're a seasoned professional, you'll gain learnings, accelerate your growth, and enrich yourself as a person.

With over a decade of education leadership experience, Anna, an MA Management (Marketing) graduate, now oversees candidates aspiring to invest in their Executive MBA to accelerate their personal and professional growth. In her role, she helps professionals upskill, retrain and ensure they remain relevant in a very competitive business world.

While she is very aware just how fortunate UK students are compared to people around the world (she says that 'access to world class education is a privilege so many young people in the world do not have’), Anna says that, if the option to pursue higher education is available, there are many reasons to do just that. Here are three of them:

You’ll open doors in the future

A high-quality degree helps you develop a strong set of skills to unlock choices in the long term. If you study now, you’ll establish a foundation on which to build your future qualifications, training and education. Miss out, or fail to maximise these opportunities, and your peers will start to overtake you.


For Anna, her time studying abroad with Regent’s in London, and in Germany and New York was the key to her success. While she needed to invest ‘a lot more effort and money’, the study period abroad helped her to ‘go the extra mile and accelerate my career progression’.

You’ll tap into the latest career technology

Anna, who is interested in organisational behaviour, is planning doctoral research into Generation Alpha: the first generation to grow up entirely with smartphone technology.

Getting a headstart in the world of technology means that this generation – people born between 2010 and 2025 – will possess a monumental advantage and be early adopters of the tech so many others have struggled to adapt to.

‘Today’s students have an extraordinary privilege, simply by being able to access the very best technology, equipment, and faculty expertise. And they should maximise these opportunities – anyone who has access to world-class education, networks, and technology should take full advantage, instead of pausing their studies due to the pandemic.

‘Being a global citizen, embracing an interconnected world, and harnessing the opportunities provided by great education will mean you never come with a problem, but with solutions instead,’ she says.

That is the mindset of tomorrow’s global leaders – and it's the mindset we develop in all Regent's students and alumni.

You’ll build a network to get you through

Anna chose Regent’s because of the location, curriculum, academic tutors and international network – one of the great benefits of studying at a truly global institution, with alumni and business affiliations all over the world.

‘Regent’s strong international network means your connections are there throughout your career, whether you graduated one year or 30 years ago,’ she says.