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Regent’s is committed to growing its research capacity, sustainability and excellence. Here you will find information about our Research Centres and Special Interest Groups, Working papers and our Annual Research Reports.

Our Research, Enterprise and Scholarship Strategy sets out our strategic aims for the next five years, and includes a review of the viability of an application for Research Degree Awarding powers.

Strategic Aims

Our strategy will strengthen our learning community, encourage interdisciplinarity, develop critical mass in areas of strength, and ensure transparency and equality of opportunity for staff around expectations (of both academic staff and of the University). 

  1. Provide an intellectually stimulating and academically sound learning experience for our students that is underpinned by current and relevant scholarship, and that reflects the diversity and internationalism of our students and staff.
  2. Enrich the culture of learning in the University by increasing the quality and quantity of research, enterprise and professional practice directly related to the disciplines we offer in our curriculum.
  3. Ensure that research and enterprise is aligned to the University’s mission and values, and fulfils all legal, professional and ethical requirements expected of it.
  4. Support staff in identified disciplinary and interdisciplinary areas and specific roles to undertake research, enterprise and/or professional practice.
  5. Strengthen our research and enterprise culture by recruiting new staff who are successful in research or enterprise and/or have the potential to develop strong profiles in these areas.
  6. Enhance the community of research-active colleagues by recruiting and fully supporting research students in selected discipline areas.
  7. Maximise the benefit and impact of research, enterprise and professional practice achievements through sharing and disseminating internally and externally, enhancing the profile and reputation of the University. 
  8. Promote pedagogic research appropriate for a teaching-focussed University.
  9. Lay strong foundations in research culture, expertise and outputs for a future application for Research Degree Awarding Powers.



Research is defined by Regent’s as original work contributing to knowledge and understanding that leads to output accessible in a format for evaluation by peers.  


Scholarship is defined as academic analysis, reflection, compilation and discourse in any discipline that leads to further knowledge and understanding, such as scholarly editions, dictionaries and textbooks, including where such study informs the content of teaching and student learning.


Enterprise is defined in the widest sense, including staff enterprise and corporate enterprise and encompasses both the usual definitions of spin-out companies, patents, licencing, consultancy as well as other activities where the University interacts with the regional,  national and global community to use and transfer its expertise.

Regent’s University London Statement on Research Integrity

Regent’s University is committed to maintaining the highest standards of research integrity.

The University is a signatory to Universities UK (UUK) Concordat to Support Research Integrity.  The Concordat enshrines five key principles which the University has embedded in its policy framework and research integrity practices as follows:

  1. Upholding the highest standards of rigour and integrity in all aspects of research
  2. Ensuring that research is conducted according to appropriate ethical, legal and professional frameworks, obligations and standards
  3. Supporting a research environment that is underpinned by a culture of integrity and based on good governance, best practice, and support for the development of researchers
  4. Using transparent, timely, robust and fair processes to deal with allegations research misconduct should they arise
  5. Working closely together to strengthen the integrity of research and to review progress regularly and openly

Read the University’s Annual Report on Research Integrity 2020/21 here.


The first point of contact for any enquirer wanting more information on research integrity at the University is the Associate Provost leading on Research, Professor Lawrence Phillips ([email protected]).

The first point of contact for any person wishing to raise concerns about the integrity of research being conducted at the University is the Head of Governance ([email protected]).

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