Refunds Policy

Regent’s refund policy applies to all our students. The population includes, but is not limited to, students in receipt of tuition fee loan schemes (SLC and others), students who finance their own studies and students whose fees are paid for by a sponsor (corporate, family or other). 

Advance tuition deposit refunds

Am I eligible for an advance tuition deposit refund?

Tuition Fee Refunds

Degree-seeking students and inbound independent study abroad students

Programmes of study lasting less than eight weeks

English Language Programmes

SLC tuition fee loans though Regent’s

Closure or material changes to courses of study


Refund payments

If your refund request is approved, the University will repay funds within 14 days of our Finance office receiving your request. We will pay the refund to whomever made the original tuition fee payment. 

Please see our deposit refund policy


If you want to make an appeal against any aspect of our Refund Policy, you should do so in writing. Please address your appeal to our Finance department and email it to [email protected]

We will then send you a refund appeal form to complete. Any appeals which relate to our refund policy must be made within six months of your official date of withdrawal from the University. 


New students: students commencing their studies as a brand new student at the University or commencing a postgraduate course after completing an undergraduate course. 

Returning students: students who are returning to their studies for a second or subsequent term, which also includes those who are transferring internally to a new course of study, at the same