This policy is effective from May 2018


This policy applies to all University students. The population includes but is not limited to students in receipt of tuition fee loan schemes (SLC, US Department of Education and other), students who finance their own studies and students whose fees are paid for by a sponsor (corporate, family or other).

Advance tuition deposit refunds

Please note that under normal circumstances all refunds of advance deposits are non-fundable. However, at the discretion of the University if you pay your advance deposit but do not enrol, you may be able to get a refund of your deposit if: 

  • Your Tier 4 visa has been refused. You will need to provide a copy of the refusal notice from the Home Office;
  • We cancel the programme for which your deposit was paid, and we are not able to offer you a satisfactory alternative; or
  • You cancel within 14 days of paying the deposit (proof of the date that you sent the deposit will be required in the event of such a refund request).

If you want to request a refund of your advance deposit, please send an e-mail request to

Tuition fee refunds

Degree- Seeking Student and Inbound Independent Study Abroad Students 

Excluding the non-refundable deposit which is retained by the University, if you enrol on a programme of study and then decide to withdraw permanently from the programme, you may be able to get a partial refund of your tuition fees. Depending on when you withdraw, your refund will be in line with the percentages listed below and varies depending on the length of the period of study. 

No refunds will be made if the University initiates the withdrawal process or if a break in studies is granted.

The refund will be applied according to the date that the Student Hub are in receipt of your official withdrawal in writing. The Student Hub can be accessed by email through Regent’s intranet as well as having a physical presence on site. 

We calculate the refund of tuition fees on the basis that full fees have been paid for the term.

Students who have a payment plan in place with the University will be liable for any outstanding fees due once the refund policy has been applied.

Each teaching week starts on a Monday.

You should complete the Student Tuition Fee Refund Request Form and submit it to within six months of your official date of withdrawal.

Programmes of study of eight weeks or more

Students will be eligible for refund of the term’s fees as shown in the table below. 

For new students, the non-refundable deposit will be deducted before the calculation of the refund value.

Weeks are defined with reference to the start date of the relevant term. For new students, week 1 will be classed as either the induction week or week 1 of study.

For a returning student week 1 will be the start of teaching. After the end of Week 3 (Friday), no refund of tuition fees will be made.

Week of formal withdrawal

Percentage of term’s fees refunded

1 (Monday to Sunday)


2 (Monday to Sunday)


3 (Monday to Sunday)


4 (Monday onwards) 


This refund policy also applies if you are on your Study Period Abroad. In this case, we will define teaching weeks according to the start date specified by your Study Abroad Institution.

Programmes of study lasting less than eight weeks

We cannot issue any refunds once each teaching block has started.

If you are on a programmes that has a number of short teaching blocks, we can refund any tuition fees you have paid for each block, as long as you withdraw two weeks before teaching begins.  After this period, all tuition fees are non-refundable

We cannot refund any registration fees.

If you cannot complete a short course because of illness, you will be able to retake the course without further payment provided that the course fees have been paid in full, refunds are not available once a period of study has commenced.

English Language Programmes

If you cancel your course two weeks before the start date of your course, you can seek a refund of your tuition fees. After this period, all tuition fees are non-refundable.

The course deposit is non-refundable.

Refunds are not available after the course has started.

SLC tuition fee loans though Regent’s

If you are in receipt of SLC funds and are withdraw or are suspended, you will be liable to repay the amount of funding drawn down to the SLC in accordance with the terms and conditions of the loan.

Tuition fee loans will not be paid in any term after you have been withdrawn/suspended. Any outstanding tuition fees owed to the University, calculated in accordance with this policy will be due to Regent’s.

US loans through Regent's

If you receive Title IV funds and then withdraw, our Finance department has to complete a calculation of Return of Funds (RT24). This is based on requirements set out by the US Department of Education.

As a result of this calculation we may have to return part or all of Direct Loans funds back to the US Government. If this leaves you with an outstanding balance, you will need to pay this to the University in full.l.

More details can be obtained here.

You will be liable for any outstanding balance in accordance with the percentages outlined above.

Closure or material changes to programmes of study

The University is committed to delivering programmes once a student has enrolled. If a decision is made to close a programme, the University will commit to a teach-out period to enable students to complete their studies assuming their progression is as planned. The University does not anticipate the requirement for refunding tuition fees linked to programme discontinuation.

In the unlikely event that a teach-out period was not possible and students were transferred to an alternative institution, the University would honour any commitments to bursary payments assuming the student progressed as planned at the new institution. Compensation for any additional costs would be considered on a case by case basis by the University. This may include but would not be limited to maintenance costs.

As the University operates from two sites in one location, no additional travel costs would be paid in the event that the teaching provision was moved between these sites. The University may also withdraw modules if there level of student interest is considered too low to sustain a quality student experience. This is not considered a material change to the programme and will not result in a refund of tuition fees.

Refund payments

If your refund request is approved, the University repay funds within 14 days of our Finance office receiving your request. We will pay the refund to whomever made the original tuition fee payment.


If you want to make an appeal against any aspect of our Refund Policy, you should do so in writing. Please address your appeal to our Finance department, and e-mail it to

We will then email you a refund appeal form to complete. Any appeals which relate to our refund policy must be made within six months of your official date of withdrawal from the University.


New students – students commencing their studies as a brand new student to the University or commencing a postgraduate programme after completing an undergraduate programme.

Returning students – students who are returning to their studies for a second or subsequent semester, which also includes those who are transferring internally to a new programme of study, at the same degree level.