£1 million investment for alumna’s fintech start-up

International Business alumna Felicia Hjertman has secured a £1 million investment for her fintech start-up, which aims to bring accessibility and transparency to the personal fund investing space.  

The start-up, named Tillit, raised pre-seed funding round from major asset management figures and venture capitalist fund Techstart Ventures. 

Reshaping the world of fund investing

Felicia Hjertman International Business, Finance alumna
Felicia Hjertman

Bringing nearly a decade of experience from Baillie Gifford – a world-leading investment management firm based in Edinburgh – Felicia is determined to shake up the industry.

‘I passionately believe that DIY investing should be accessible to everyone but today it is like an exclusive club in a foreign country – you can’t afford to get in and you don’t speak the language. But after having spent almost a decade as an industry insider, I know that it doesn’t have to be that way.

‘Tillit, which means trust in Swedish, is on a mission to empower the private investor by creating an investing experience that is genuinely fit for purpose,’ she says.

Launching in the pandemic 

While the pandemic has meant some competitors have struggled to adjust to the new reality, Felicia and her small team have never known anything else. Felicia says that ‘I still haven’t met my co-founder or some of our investors in real life! But as a first-time founder, I have never known any other way to build a company, find a team and raise investment than virtually.’

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