Regent's student filmmakers sweep Royal Television Society Awards

This week Regent's students won awards at the Royal Television Society's Student Television Awards, in categories including Comedy, Sound Design and Writing. The films awarded were Everybody Needs Some(dead)body (Hannah Seligman & George Mills), Finsta (Lucia Debernardini), Tentacle Head (Nasir Simmons) and Dilemma (Dora Martynyuk).

Of the nine prizes available to student films from London, Regent's students' films won four awards in four category — a huge testament to the quality of Regent's filmmakers.

A group of students stand holding their Royal Television Society awards.

Reflecting on their film festival experiences, Hannah Seligman and George Mills said: 'We have been quite happy with the reception of our film, Everybody Needs Some(dead)body. It has been a pleasant surprise to see how well audiences have taken to our dark humor and weirdness.

'The film has enjoyed a solid start to its festival run so far, having received ten nominations and three wins including Best Comedy and Best Short at Indiefilmpololis Film Festival as well as the Audience Award at Indie-Lincs International Film Festival. We are so grateful to Phil Hughes, Tristan Tull, and Ted Wilkes for all the support they've offered and the encouragement they still give long past graduation.'

Tristan Tull, course leader of BA (hons) Film & Screen (Film Production and TV & Digital media pathways) at Regent's, said: 'We are thrilled for these immensely talented graduates of BA Film & Screen. As a vocational, industry focused degree we are seeing the rewards for such dedicated hard work.' 

Our congratulations to Dora, Lucia, George, Hannah, Nasir and Lilli, as well as their supervisors: Tristan Tull, Phil Hughes, Ted Wilkes and Ken Fero. If you aspire to follow in their footsteps, there's still time to apply to the Regent's BA Film and Screen degree. Join us this Autumn and take the first step towards your filmmaking career. 

Awards in full

A close up photo of the trophies at the Royal Television Society Awards 2022.

Comedy and Entertainment

Writer, Director, & Producer: Lucia Debernardini
1st Assistant Director: Anne Sophie Trompert
1st Assistant Camera: Felicia Holst
Gaffer: Luis Garcia


Writer, Director, & Producer: Dora Martynyuk

A white man is holding four glass awards in two hands and looking happy.

Craft Award for Writing
Everybody Needs Some(Dead)Body
George Mills and Hannah Seligman

Craft Award for Sound Design
Tentacle Head

Nasir Simmons and Lilliana Johnson