Faculty Centre for Applied Finance & Banking

The Faculty Centre for Applied Finance & Banking is a research centre based at the BAM Faculty of Regent’s University London.

The Centre acts as a platform for academics and practitioners and gives them access to the latest research on applied finance and banking and the opportunity to share and discuss common issues and areas of interest. The Centre aims to promote high calibre academic research about issues that are at the core of the today’s globalised financial system.

The Centre organises and hosts events for research students and scholars working in the area of applied finance and banking in order to facilitate collaboration within the academic community in the UK and worldwide. We organise one annual conference and several seminars on topics related to current debate on applied finance and banking.

Our Team

Director: Professor Gianfranco Vento

Deputy: Dr Jacob H Schmidt

Business & Management Faculty: Dr Elias Boukrami; Dr Christos Kallandranis; Nikos Nitsas CFA; Dr Nnamdi Obiosa

Publications by the Centre

Working Paper Series

The Faculty Centre for Applied Finance & Banking launched a Working Papers series in 2019 to give faculty members, colleagues and young researchers including students the opportunity to publish research ideas as work-in-progress and invite comment, prior to a potential later submission for publication in conference proceedings or an external journal.

Working Papers:

Dissertations and other papers written by students and supervised by Faculty Centre for Applied Finance & Banking members